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Supporting a Good Cause

In December 2012 we decided to share some of our profit with an organisation helping people in underdeveloped countries. Sabona was a perfect match.

Stoos Connect

On January 25th Oslo Lean Meetup will host a satellite for the Stoos Connect Conference in Amsterdam. This event where the aim is to reach out to executives is livestreamed to several cities around the world

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

The first Lean Kanban Nordic conference will be arranged in Stockholm on March 12-13. The name of the conference is "Stop Starting, Start Finishing". Keynote speakers will be Bjarte Bognes, Henkrik Kniberg and David J.Anderson



We offer a variety of Kanban Trainings. From standard public classes to customized workshops for your organisation. We believe games are the best way to teach new concepts, plus it's way more fun! Read more about our selection of Kanban trainings and workshops.

Software Development

We believe there is a better way to build software. A way where the focus first and foremost is on delivering what the customer wants, to create customer delight. With a combination of tools that allows you to be productive, and methods that enables you to deliver value in a steady continual pace, we can help your company move in the right direction.


Are you moving towards a more agile way of working but not sure exactly how to move forward? With close to 10 years experience with various different agile methods and techniques we can help teams and organisations move towards a more agile way of working.


Oslo Lean Meetup

We help organizing events for the Oslo Lean Meetup group. The group has approximately 1200 memberhere is about one meetup per month with a range of different topics: Lean, Kanban and Lean startup to name a few. Visit Oslo Lean Meetup group for more information.

Oslo Lean Coffee

Happening every second Thursday at Stockfleth's coffee shop, a group of Lean enthusiasts meet to talk about Lean and a bunch of other topics. The meeting takes the form of a friendly dialogue, where the primary objective is to share and learn from each other.

Courses & Workshops

Upcoming courses

Organizations need developers who see and understand the system as a whole. There is far too much fragmentation in enterprises. "

author Ketil Jensen Founder